Weekly Roundup

Mal | Universal | Sunday, May 31st, 2009


What I worked on this week

  • Some collages
  • Spectating at the marathon
  • Finishing touches on an upcoming giveaway prize. Tune in tomorrow!

5 comments worth reading

I really appreciate the conversation that is generated in the comments section, and each week I highlight 5 thoughts that were particularly keen.

Honorable mention goes to fellow art therapist Megan of When We Were Made who writes:

i had a dream about you! you were getting married and your hubby was carrying you in your wedding dress. which is funny because i don’t even know what you look like.

i know that seems odd, but i think it relates to seeing your turning*turning name in my blackberry inbox in the middle of the night. i have weird dreams :) but your dress was amazing!

First off, any comment that talks about me getting married totally wins. Unfortunately, in spite of my better efforts, that blessed event does not seem to be in my near future. Megan, if you can scare me up a husband, I promise to make your dream come true! Don’t any of you have a kind, smart, 30-something brother that you want me to meet!?

Back to business, then.

On the entry What to do: Take small steps (which was written after my trip downtown to see the marathon), Sally of Grendelskin gives a good reminder.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets flustered by entirely self-imposed deadlines. I, too, have a little hexagon project going, and I have to take a step backwards every once in awhile and remind myself that this is handwork, it’s supposed to be relaxing and that nobody expects it to be finished in record time. Lainie’s right — I’d rather take some interesting detours than be the first to cross the finish line.

The rest of this week’s highlighted comments come from the entry What to do: Set your priorities.

I found this post very provoking. I’m spending quite a bit of time these days considering what compels those of us who make things to do it. In many cases it’s true that it would be less expensive (both financially and in hours spent) to purchase the item in question. But we make these sacrifices because we are compelled to create. I’ve heard it said that it’s an outlet. And on some level I agree. Creatively I feel a need to express myself. Also, I feel calmed by keeping my hands busy – my focus is clarified (perhaps one of the only times I actually feel focused). But why? And therein lies my question. I’m not sure the answer matters but I seek it nonetheless.

From Amy of A Commonplace Life

Culturally we are told to follow the rules and be unique at the same time, an impossible task. The social structure is that you have to belong to a certain group and follow their rules: watch the right tv-series, buy clothes that fit in their parameters, listen to a particular kind of music, visit the ‘right’ places, talk/think so and so about certain subjects. Surely you can change groups but the list stays the same.

To me it is no wonder that there are so many self-help books with the subject ‘find yourself again’. We have this need within us (for some it is strong for other just a little tickle) and it is a very difficult job to do because you have to separate yourself from what you are being fed by everything and everyone and take the consequences with it. Convience foods, tv and all the other things offered are there because of someone elses idea/plan and imposed on us by smart marketing strategies.

Excerpted from Elizabeth of Landanna. (Read the full comment here.)

The time I spend doing what I want makes up for the times I spend doing “chores” in the broadest sense of the word. For example, this morning, I had to do all the usual stuff of getting up, washing, not doing the pile of dishes that’s still waiting to be done, making lunch etc, tedious. But I allowed myself to put one, just one, safety pin into the large quilt I’m pinning together right now, and that somehow helped. Like I treated myself to something

Excerpted from Christine of The Cutting Edge Quilt. (Read the full comment here.)

Good reads around the blogiverse

And finally

Why, yes. I did say giveaway. TUNE IN TOMORROW!


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