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Mal | Resources,Roundup | Sunday, May 10th, 2009

Life is Short

What happened this week

  • I’m so pleased that turning*turning.com was honored as a “Website to Watch” in the latest issue of Disco Underworld. I’m doubly honored that Stacey, DU’s editor and creative force, has offered to write a guest post for this site! Disco Underworld is a beautifully written and visually captivating magazine honoring the life and work of everyday people around the world.
  • I finished re-reading one of my favorite books again, The Time Traveler’s Wife.
  • I’m still stuck in the organizing/purging phase of my apartment overhaul, but I have carved out more space and time to be making things.

Comments you should be sure to read

On the DVD Review: PBS Craft in America, I gave 4 stars. Lois said:

I think we all love to ‘listen in’ on what others are doing and absorb little bits here and there. Sometimes it is with complete awe when the process or result is so different than any I have ever seen. Other times it is with a warm sense of the familiar and it is good to know someone else sees, thinks, or creates in a similar way.

On Seams Behind the Scenes, I showed progress on the mini hexagon project (finally!) and talked a little about the psychology of hiding my stitches. Wendymoon is in a different place than I am right now:

Haven’t started joining them together yet, so not sure about stitches showing or not. I think I don’t mind in this case. After doing a bunch of machine sewing, I’m glad for the change and wouldn’t mind the hand stitches showing.

On What to do: Embrace Mistakes, lots of people responded. Here are some of my favorites:

It’s sad to think about all the art that’s been thrown out in the name of “wrong.” I’m starting to think of it as more of “not right at the moment.” We’ll see if that helps… (Laura Smith)

I don’t think I’d ever throw something “mis-quilted” out… so far I’ve been able to fix everything into something I like, and if I ever have a block that can’t be saved, I’ll just start a pile of misfits for a really funky quilt.

Lastly, part of the reason I took up quilting is that I wanted to get over my perfectionism. I now have just enough of that flaw/virtue to get nicely lined up corners/points, but I don’t open seams up unless the corner is off by more than 3mm and really quite obvious. Maybe I’ll even get more lax there over time! (Christine of Cutting Edge Quilt)

Mistakes? Or happy accidents? I admit that I make both. As opposed to someone I one met who told me (with a sparkle in his eyes), “That’s the first mistake I’ve ever made!” But I think that whether you choose to use the mistakes to improve, or simply enjoy them, they are there for a purpose, right? (Mollie of Wild Olive)

Ah, when we stop making mistakes we stop learning. (V of Bumblebeans)

I hardly ever start an art project with a goal in mind (beyond just one day completing it)…does this mean that I’ve protected myself from making mistakes by having no or little expectation? (probably!) That being said, there’s lots of stuff I’m involved with that are riddled with mistakes; Sewing stitches, brush strokes, ex-boyfriends, fashion choices from 10 years ago…what can you do except laugh and try your best to make lemonade?

I suppose its hardest to let things flow when you find yourself so emotionally invested in the project you’re working on that trusting your process seems impossible. Also, I think that fearing the judgment of others (”I could never show that in public! What would someone think?”) is a big hindrance to allowing oneself to make mistakes. I guess that’s why its so special when people are willing to show/talk about pieces or aspects of their life they’re not particularly proud of.  (Liz Beck)


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