Sewing room disguised as kitchen

Mal | Band Sampler,Media,Quilting,Sewing,Stitching | Friday, February 27th, 2009

Sewing room, disguised as kitchen

Recent social obligations (out-of-town guests, dates that I knew would end up at my place, drop-by visits from the neighbor’s kids for playdates with the dogs, etc.) have necessitated a quick and temporary return to regular, adult living.

What I mean by this is that I have temporarily reclaimed my kitchen. Sadly, my sewing machine (which had resided on my kitchen table for months) has been packed up and put away for the past couple of weeks.

Sewing room, disguised as kitchen

No more late-morning hem repairs as I run off to work. No more lauching into elaborate patchwork projects “because I have a few minutes.” No more midnight sewing marathons to buzz away my insomnia or inexplicably-motivated Adventures in Buttonholes.

Maybe that’s okay, though, as it has allowed me to turn my attention to more handwork, embroidery, and other machineless modes. I’ve finally started the band sampler and hand-bound the baby quilt. I’ve been exploring a bit with hand-pieced quilting and such. My hands have needlepricks and callouses where there was once fingerprint.

I may pull the machine out again this weekend to do some finish work and some mending. A part of me kind of hopes not, though. I’m enjoying the quiet.

Someday, a two-bedroom apartment.

How about you? Do you have a dedicated workspace, or do you double-dip rooms, as I do?


  1. I definately double dip. My designated sewing space is usually in the front room which is annoying as it has to be packed away straight after I’ve used it. Wish I lived in some fancy home with a full on sewing room and another for my stash obviously!

    Comment by aneela — 6 March 2009 @ 12:54 pm

  2. @aneela: I see all of these pictures of people with their huge, tricked-out craft rooms and I can’t help but get envious! Even my mother has basically taken over an entire floor of my childhood home for her crafts. Of course, she hardly uses it which just kills me. But I guess I’ll just content myself with living amongst my projects!

    Comment by Mal — 6 March 2009 @ 2:02 pm

  3. What a beautiful blog this is – Mal, thank you for commenting on mine, and it’s very nice to meet you and your blog. I look forward to reading through it.

    I have a big sewing room, but other people would call it a living room without furniture. If I returned it to living room status, though, maybe I too would have dates.

    Comment by Lainie — 6 March 2009 @ 3:32 pm

  4. @Lainie: Thank you so much for your kind words and welcome! Someday soon I will post photos of my apartment setup. Basically, I live in a half-living-space and half-art-studio world over here. No one sitting in my living room could deny that they were also sitting in my studio space!

    Comment by Mal — 6 March 2009 @ 4:46 pm

  5. I sprawl… I have a dedicated basement, which is large and unfinished, so in the winter, I use the kitchen table and like you, also use the change as an opportunity to switch to a lot more hand-sewing… Basically, I now see fabric as a liquid, which flows into every available nook and cranny. The management of it is truly challenging….

    And who can throw any of it out? Esp. when you are a quilter who employs postage-stamp sized chips to good effect?

    My new thing, though, is when I get a load of fabric from my curtain-making friend (gotta love free fabric!), I sort through it with another quilter RIGHT AWAY, and what we don’t want I put in the trunk for delivery to art teachers locally (‘course, the bags are still in the trunk. Anybody want some? It’s headers from decorator sample books — good stuff!

    Comment by Dee — 12 March 2009 @ 4:05 am

  6. @Dee: Isn’t it funny what we’ll go through to make room for our creative pursuits? I love to see other people’s studio space and to hear about how they work. And, I think you’re right on about the fabric being like liquid and seeping everywhere. I get some giveaway fabric, too, and your offer of giveaway made me all jumpy! But, no new fabric! (My mom is cleaning out her stash and bringing me a trunk-load next week! How am I going to be able to fit it all?)

    Comment by Mal — 12 March 2009 @ 6:49 am

  7. Hi,
    My name is Simone and i live in the netherlands, i live in a 3 bedroom flat and that’s big enough for me and mu daughter. because i’m a tv-junkie, a working mom and a quilter my living room is more of a working/sewing place these days than a usual living room.
    we have a spare bedroom which i could use for my crafts but hey i just live here and a room without heating and tv doesn’t work for me.
    My old fabrics are in the seperate room, in the closet but all the rest of my quilting is in het living room. The dinner table is the table for my sewing machine and the couch is the place for my heaxagon projects, i’ve finished my first king size 1,5″ hexagon quilt a few months ago and now i’m making one for myself, i’m just making them 1″ now and this will be probably one for myself.

    greetings and have a happy easter (yeah 2 days more time for my addiction)

    Comment by Simone — 4 April 2010 @ 12:18 am

  8. I am a woman cabinet maker and I am working on a line of sewing cabinets to build. If you had 6 ft of designated feet, what would be the most important things to have right there in that 6 ft. These would be furniture specially for storing sewing supplies for todays seamstress and can close it up and hide it all with doors. Please let me know and maybe send me pictures of your sewing room now and your dream unit. Sue

    Comment by Sue — 11 January 2011 @ 4:11 pm

  9. I use our dinner table. Luckily my machine is very light and I keep it on a desk near the table so it is easy to set up and clear away. Our living room is not a very traditional looking because what we enjoy doing is playing cards and board games (and we often have friends over to do so) so we have two dining tables and a bunch of chairs instead of a couch and coffee table. This gives me a lot of room to spread out when I am sewing.

    Comment by Greeblygreebly — 4 January 2014 @ 1:23 am

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